Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? It's time to make that shift. 

Health is complicated. So many of us are walking around with low energy, mood issues and multiple symptoms and have no idea where to start. 

Our team of highly qualified naturopaths, nutritionists and emotional wellness experts have guided thousands of people through their wellness journeys. Will you be next?




At Shift, we specialise in helping your body to heal itself. Our clinical naturopaths, hypnotherapists and counsellors have helped thousands of patients to overcome complex and chronic health complaints.

Our Shift Anywhere members get supported in their healing journey with individualised dietary advice, lifesytle coaching and prescription herbal medicine and nutritional support to assist with healing. 

Our naturopaths have helped thousands of people to heal themselves

Our naturopaths have helped thousands of patients with complex and chronic conditions to shift their health and their life. 

Our naturopaths are Australian based and have a minimum qualification of a 4 year Bachelor degree. 

We assess and diagnose your WHOLE health, looking at underlying causes and how things are connected. 

A team to help you succeed

To shift your diet in the right direction you'll need some help! Our team of qualified health practitioners work collaboratively to help you get results. 

When we're taking a holistic approach, we want to assess all of you. We will address diet and physiological health, but also your emotional wellness to improve the way you're living now and into the future. 

Access to the Shift community

To shift, you need support. Our community is run by our clinicians to keep the advice relevant, and is a safe haven to ask questions and learn from others that have already made The Shift. 

You don't have to do this alone, join other people that are making a shift and feel supported and motivated to make yours.

"When I fixed my gut health, everything changed."

Elly Stirling
Shift Member

How Shift Anywhere was created

Shift Anywhere is the result of thousands of one on one consultations conducted in person by Katherine Maslen and her team of naturopaths at Shift. 

Katherine is a mother, naturopath, author and host of The Shift podcast and founder of Shift.

Katherine understands the healing journey. Her passion is guiding people along this journey and helping them to  not only overcome their health complaints, but to be a stronger and better version of themselves because of it. 

Katherine oversees the team at Shift and is passionate about finding new and innovative ways to help patients to reach their goals. Her membership programs are a world first innovation in health care and are much much more than simply a virtual naturopathic appointment. 


Qualified Naturopaths

Our Australian naturopaths are university qualified. They have undertaken a 4-year bachelor degree and have an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the human body and disease process. 

Proven Methodology

Our Shift Anywhere members will go on a journey that thousands of patients have been on before them. At Shift, we are experts in taking you through the health journey; and the focus is always to get to the end destination. 

Individual Prescriptions

The natural medicines you're prescribed on your journey are practitioner strength and individualised for you at each stage. No more taking random supplements and hoping they will work!

Shift Anywhere With Us

Our results-driven memberships are for people who are ready to make a significant shift in their health and their life. If that's you, book a complimentary 15min call with our team to see if we can help you.


Want to know more? The first step is to jump on a call so we can assess if we're right for you. 

Fill in the form below and we will be in contact to book your complimentary 15min new patient assessment. Easy peasy. 

"When I started my membership I felt pretty bad and knew I needed help. My IBD symptoms affected many aspects of my life. After 6 months of membership, I feel a lot better. I needed someone to put a plan together for me so I could stick to it. I had tried on my own before and failed. My progress seemed quite slow, but I have been improving and now I am not feeling hopeless anymore. I have been given the tools to go on by myself. The regular check-ups made me feel well supported. I have learned some valuable lessons and the team were lovely and supportive. "

Korina Leech
Shift Member

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